water bank


SHRISH said...

Respecet sir,
I m totally thrilled by ur way of writting & presenting the things in front of society.
i m more enthralled by ur 'WATERBANK'projet.
i m an agriculture graduate with a mere degree cirtificate in hand & leaving all the things i've decided to work as a FARMER in my field bcaz of the inspiration given by ur writiings.
with endowed resct
Shrish Deshpande

AD said...

Respected sir,
I have read about you and your experiments through Dr. Anil Awachat's books plus my brother Abhijit, was part of a summer camp at Ankoli in 1998.
I have done post graduation in Mathematics, currently working in IT.
I have read some material reagrding our traditional water harvesting techniques like ERYs in southern India, Jhohads in Rajasthan, water canal developed by Peshwas in Punefrom Katraj Lake etc. I wish to explore these traditional methods. Can you please guide me in this?

Aditi Deodhar.

Unknown said...

Sir ,the ultimate aim for each and every human on this planet earth ,that is what ou are doing.


preets said...

Sir ,

hats off to you and congrats

Such experiments should be repeated all over India

billons of dollars are spent on expeditions to see if there is water on Moon and Mars .... Our Green earth will be far better if we spend our money and energy for preserving water and making greenery !!!